my passion is helping you maintain your passion and commitment to positive outcomes for yourself and the students you serve.

About our Site

Welcome to my site. I offer tools, resources, and support that enhance teacher renewal and wellbeing and bolster your passion and purpose. I’m a teacher just like you, and I created my site to support teacher wellbeing and sustainability through research-based applications from the field of positive psychology. What does that mean for you? It means you get the support you need to positively impact yourself and your classroom. It means you get resources you can rely on to foster a joyful learning environment for your students.


The role of the teacher is critical to the future. We shape the lives of children by facilitating learning and fostering emotional, social, and societal wellness. That makes teaching one of the most delightful, yet stressful occupations in the US. It also means teachers must have support from a variety of communities. Those include, the community of the classroom, the community of parents, the community of Boards of Education, and the community of peer support. That’s where this site comes in.


The Impact of Teacher Renewal and Wellbeing On Teachers

Teaching is stressful for a variety of reasons.

·       Student Behavior

·       School Organization

·       Standardized Testing

·       Teaching Performance

·       Academic Benchmarks

·       Administrative Concerns

·       Classroom Management

·       Income Goals and Lifestyle

·       Special Needs Environments


All these factors contribute to job stress, which has a direct and immediate impact on teacher renewal and wellbeing. Job stress – potentially detrimental physical and emotional responses to daily performance demands – are better managed when teachers have a community of support. I take that support seriously and offer beneficial techniques and management tools teachers need. It’s vital that teachers receive this support because it not only impacts their mental health and wellness, it also shows itself in the classroom.


The Impact of Teacher Renewal and Wellbeing On Students

Because teaching involves influencing the daily and ongoing lives of young minds, it can become a high-stress profession. In fact, many teachers report high levels of occupation-related stress. If left unchecked this stress transfers to students. Teachers with high stress levels might exhibit less effective teaching methods. Not only does classroom performance suffer, organizational acumen could also suffer. That could lead to ungraded papers, sloppy record keeping, and a struggle to connect emotionally with students.


How does this site help? I understand teachers because I am a teacher. My dedication to teacher renewal and wellbeing is strengthened because I’m also a mentor for new teachers and a leader in the field of Art Education. In my work as a coach for teachers, I’ve developed some tools that beneficially support teachers. I use these tools and my years of teaching experience and support to help you build a personally and professionally sustainable career. Over the last three years I’ve researched and created a number of tools teachers and school leaders can use to foster teacher renewal and wellbeing. All these tools are research-based and personally tested.


The goal of my site is to create healthy teachers who create healthy students. I’d love to help you. Take a look at my bio and credentials, subscribe to my blog, and peruse my teacher renewal and wellbeing tools. You’ll see why my passion is helping you maintain your passion and commitment to positive outcomes for yourself and the students you serve.

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