What I Learned This Week: Gratitude is a fabulous reflection tool

Gratitude is a fabulous reflection tool. As an instructional coach, I use coaching tools to support teachers reflecting on their practice. After writing this blog post this week, I had a chance to think about how gratitude is a powerful reflection tool for educators. Spending some time acknowledging and reflecting on what is working has been shown to boost positive emotions.

However, if we also reflect on why these things are happening, we also acknowledge our personal and professional resources, which perhaps we can leverage to address some of our challenges. If burnout happens when we expend more internal resources then we think we have, could gratitude be source of renewal? Going forward, I plan to use this simple gratitude practice as a reflection tool to increase positive emotions, promote growth, as well as, perhaps, guard against burnout. 

Cover Photo by Cel Lisboa on Unsplash

Rachel Hallquist